MacBook Logic Board/Motherboard Repair

MacBook Logic Board

MacBook Logic Board/Motherboard Repair

The logic board (MotherBoard) on a Mac’s , which contains the components and the circuits that allows your mac’s to function whether it was your Mac Desktop or Mac Laptop, common logic board failure signs includes the problems with the Mac Power, graphics, ports, connecticity and unusual sounds or behaviour of mac.

Logic board problems can be as minor as single USB port not working or as bad as computer is completely dead.

Your Mac’s logic board may fail due to a factory defect or extensive use, but accidents like falls and spills also cause damage. In addition, computer use resulting in overheating and lack of airflow can harm the logic board and cause premature failure. If your logic board fails due to a factory defect or regular use, you can take advantage of your Apple warranty for repair or replacement if your mac’s device is in under warranty.

If your Mac is out of warranty or physical or liquid damage condition then Apple charges are very high because of Apple doesn’t provide the logic board  repair option. There is only one option from apple, they will compulsory replace your logic board. Instead of Apple, we APN IT Experts having option for our customers to repair and replacement of Macbook Pro | Macbook Pro Retina | Macbook Air | Mac Pro | Mac Mini logic board. We have well experienced and Certified technician for your mac’s Logic board repair.

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